The Value of Small Crowds

Last night at played what can be considered a “secret show” at the Dubliner Pub on University Ave. ¬†It was secret, because nobody was there to see it.

Sometimes it is nice playing to a small, quiet crowd. ¬†When I took the stage, there were 6 people in the bar, including the bartender and me. ¬†By the¬†time I finished, there were, probably, 30 bar patrons, talking loudly, clanging glasses, and otherwise watching me do my thing on stage. ¬†To tell you the truth, I had a lot more fun when it was just me and 5 others. ¬†That isn’t to say that I always like performing to small crowds.

Sometimes I like the big, loud, ornery crowds. ¬†Other times I like the intimate, paying-attention crowd. ¬†Last night I wasn’t feeling 100%. ¬†My hands were moving slowly. ¬†As a result, I wanted to do things a bit different. ¬†I wasn’t interested in putting on a big performance as I usually do. ¬†Rather, I chose a bunch of songs that I normally don’t play and performed them to the best of my ability, letting the music speak to the scuffed up floors and empty bar stools. ¬†It was beautiful.

The attached mp3 was recorded at the end of my set when there was a large contingent of busybodies talking and otherwise making noise. ¬†You can get a sense for the difference between a quiet room and a loud room. ¬†Sometimes I like it noisy, sometimes I don’t. ¬†:)

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