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Lyrics Available for "Roark"

My good friend, Ryan B., indicated today that he would like to see the lyrics for our songs online. Ask and ye shall receive! See the lyrics from “…if Howard Roark could dance” here!

Ryan also had a great idea to include direct links to the mp3 and lyrics on my guitar lesson videos. So, I will start doing this as well for future lessons.

Ryan is smart.

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Guitar Lesson: Leaving L.A.

I just recorded a guitar lesson for “Leaving L.A.”, a song off of our first record …if Howard Roark could dance. Let me know what you think!  Also, please let me know if you have other songs of ours that you would like a guitar lesson for.

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Guitar Lesson for "Boulder"

At the behest of my friend, producer, MBA-level-advisor, and guitar aficionado, Ryan, I am posting this guitar lesson for “Boulder”, a song off my band’s last record.  The song highlights the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship with a girl in Boulder, CO when I was living on the East Coast.  Those were good times, though.  Good times for America, I tell ya!  haha!  Listen to the original version here. And then learn the song on guitar:

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Guitar Lesson: "Val"

This is the second of what will hopefully be a long series of guitar lessons, where I teach you how to play songs off of my albums on the guitar. I realize the audience for these videos is amazingly small, but hopefully they will add value to that small segment of the populace that 1) knows our music, 2) owns a guitar, 3) wants to learn how to play our songs on the guitar. With that in mind, Enjoy!!

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Learn to Play "Sometimes I cannot sleep." on the Guitar!

A few friends have asked me for help in learning to play certain songs on mine on the guitar. While I prefer to help them out in person, that isn’t always possible because of the physical distances that are often between us. So, I thought it might be fun to post video guitar lessons of my songs. Here is the first of the series – “Sometimes I cannot sleep.”

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