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Last Night at the Acadia Cafe

Many thanks to Kelly, Kate, and Kelly’s sister, Kate for coming out to the Acadia last night and cheering me on to victory!  It’s always nice to have friends in the crowd.  🙂  Kelly requested “Kids” at the end of the set, which I gladly played.  It was probably one of the better versions of it that I have ever done, imho.  But, you will be able to decide that for yourself as soon as Tim (the excellent sound guy at Acadia) uploads the audio recording he made.  Can’t wait for that!

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Rahm the Attack Dog

Today I might be playing a show with local rock legend, John Stowell, over at the Acadia Cafe.  John called the other day and asked me to sit in with his band on the ukulele.  Sounds like fun!  The show is at 2 p.m. and is free to get in…I think…

Also, I am trying to set up a songwriting session with Dave for today as well, but the schedule is packed tight.  Hopefully he is flexible!  🙂
Finally, I’m putting the band back together!!!  John, Ryan, and me will be playing a Cryns #3 set at Trocaderos on April 21 at 7:50 p.m.  It’s part of a battle of the bands and should be pretty fun!

Lastly, check out this awesome dog, Rahm, that my dad has on his desk:

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Acadia Cafe Wrapup – March 18, 2009

I had a blast playing the Acadia Cafe tonight!  Eliza Blue warmed up the stage for us, and we, in turn, warmed it up even more for Jack Ventimiglia, who is a fresh face from Detroit, MI.  Jack really played some nice songs and provided a great close to the evening.

Dave sat in on the djembe tonight, which was a lot of fun!  He talks a lot on stage and at one point even noted that he was going to steal my thunder or something like that, which was pretty funny at the time.  I’m not sure I have any thunder to share, but he is certainly welcome to it. The crowd was great – more rowdy than usual for the Acadia.  At one point they started clapping in rhythm, so I asked them to keep it up while we burned through “Quittin’ My Job”.  Then a couple of songs later, I saw Eliza clapping along, and I asked the crowd not to leave her hanging, and they abliged by adding their claps to hers.  A fun night, I tell ya!  Here are some photos courtesy of the beautiful Lisa M. and me:

And here are some videos:

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Show Tonight at Acadia Cafe with Eliza Blue, Jeffrey James, and Jack Ventimiglia

It’s that time of the month again!  I am playing a full set with Dave Rowley (of “Heat It Up!” fame) tonight at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis.  It’s free to get in!  Here’s the lineup:

8 p.m. – Jeffrey James
9 p.m. – Eliza Blue
10 p.m. – Toby Cryns
11 p.m. – Jack Ventimiglia

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Eagles vs. Rockets KICKED SERIOUS ASS Last Night at the Acadia Cafe!

Photo of Toby taken with Mac Photo Booth

Photo of Toby taken with Mac Photo Booth

Last night’s Eagles vs. Rockets show at the Acadia Cafe kicked some serious ass.  We had some minor issues with sound to kick things off, and we took our dear time about developing momentum, but the final four songs were played from heaven on high!  Ripping through Ticky Ticky Tembo, Con El Sol, Revolution, and Woman Engineer in succession to end the set, we built up up up until in a final fury of post-teenage angst, we angrily pounded our respective instruments until they broke down and wouldn’t serve us any longer.  I remember looking over at Colin and thinking, “Oh shit!  He’s gone berzerk!” during the final four bars of Woman Engineer.  Wow.  Simply amazing.

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Eagles vs. Rockets this Friday at the Acadia!

I would be overwhelmed with joy if one or two of you showed up to the Acadia this Friday, Nov. 7 to support the second live performance by my new old band, Eagles vs. Rockets.  The band features my former Corrupt Senators, Speakeasy Heroes, Big Jerry, Cryns #3, and JC & the Moonshine Band mate, Rev. Bob Serrano, on the bass guitar and Pocahontas County‘s Colin “the Czar” Anderson channeling Kanye West on the banjo.  We will have T-Shirts and cds for sale and display.  Hope to see you there!

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