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I did a photoshoot!

Leslie and I went out and took some photos a couple of weeks ago, and these are the results:

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Leslie brought some great ideas to the table and helped me to feel comfortable in the water and otherwise.  For my first time being at the center of a photoshoot, I felt quite comfortable and had a lot of fun.  At one point while jumping up for one of the shots, the crotch of my pants totally tore open.  Thankfully, Leslie fixed that in post-production.  Y’all should contact her if you want some kick-ass photos of your own.  🙂

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Toby in Cedar Lake (photo by Leslie Plesser)

Toby in Cedar Lake (photo by Leslie Plesser)

I’m have photos!!!  I am so excited about this!

Last night, Leslie shot some photos that I will be using to promote my musical adventures.  She is an amazing photographer and also a joy to be around.

We did several locations and one costume change.  I can’t wait to see more photos (hopefully next week)!

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Thank You for Last Friday at the Terminal Bar!

Dudes. We rocked the Terminal Bar last Friday night! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Here are some photos:
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And here is a short video of “Kirsten Dunst”:

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Dubliner Pub – Yeehaw!!!

Lots of fun at the ol’ Dubliner Pub on Thursday, I tell ya!  JFK, LOUDRAY, and all sorts of rowdy hooligans showed their faces.  Check it out:

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Acadia Cafe Wrapup – March 18, 2009

I had a blast playing the Acadia Cafe tonight!  Eliza Blue warmed up the stage for us, and we, in turn, warmed it up even more for Jack Ventimiglia, who is a fresh face from Detroit, MI.  Jack really played some nice songs and provided a great close to the evening.

Dave sat in on the djembe tonight, which was a lot of fun!  He talks a lot on stage and at one point even noted that he was going to steal my thunder or something like that, which was pretty funny at the time.  I’m not sure I have any thunder to share, but he is certainly welcome to it. The crowd was great – more rowdy than usual for the Acadia.  At one point they started clapping in rhythm, so I asked them to keep it up while we burned through “Quittin’ My Job”.  Then a couple of songs later, I saw Eliza clapping along, and I asked the crowd not to leave her hanging, and they abliged by adding their claps to hers.  A fun night, I tell ya!  Here are some photos courtesy of the beautiful Lisa M. and me:

And here are some videos:

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Photos from the Dinkytowner

I finally posted the photos from our Dinkytowner show a couple of weeks ago! Whew! What a show it was! We rocked it pretty hard, spitting out a powerful set of Cryns #3 tunes with a Mason Jennings cover in there just for show. Many thanks to Jim, Niles, Lisa, and the significant others for supporting us!

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Colin's Birthday Party!

Last Saturday was Colin’s birthday, and I rocked it with the likes of “Sneaky” Pete Bauer, Colin “The Czar” Anderson, Bob “The Bearded Wonder” Serrano, Tubs, “Rock-and-Roll Legend” John Stoll, and more! Here are some photos:

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