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Noah Kicks Ass! First Masters are In!!!

The recording process takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Recording
  2. Re-mixing
  3. Mastering

Noah just sent me the first masters, and they sound awesome!

We are really in the home stretch now, because this means that we are done with the recording and re-recording of things.  In all actuality, the recording process is a bit more disjointed than I indicate above, with parts being added and re-recorded at my producer’s advice.

Noah is a pro on many fronts.  Recording engineer, musician, vocalist, and producer.  We utilized him in all of these capacities for the new record.  It is a real pleasure working with a pro.  I mean, everyone and his grandma can record stuff these days, but a pro brings something else to the equation.  It’s a work ethic.  It’s a mastery of his craft. It’s a trust. It’s an understanding that this album is his as much as it is mine.  He is an artist, and his signature is all over it in subtle ways.

So, many thanks to my big brother, Noah!  Hip, Hip…Hooray!!!

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The Value of Small Crowds

Last night at played what can be considered a “secret show” at the Dubliner Pub on University Ave.  It was secret, because nobody was there to see it.

Sometimes it is nice playing to a small, quiet crowd.  When I took the stage, there were 6 people in the bar, including the bartender and me.  By the time I finished, there were, probably, 30 bar patrons, talking loudly, clanging glasses, and otherwise watching me do my thing on stage.  To tell you the truth, I had a lot more fun when it was just me and 5 others.  That isn’t to say that I always like performing to small crowds.

Sometimes I like the big, loud, ornery crowds.  Other times I like the intimate, paying-attention crowd.  Last night I wasn’t feeling 100%.  My hands were moving slowly.  As a result, I wanted to do things a bit different.  I wasn’t interested in putting on a big performance as I usually do.  Rather, I chose a bunch of songs that I normally don’t play and performed them to the best of my ability, letting the music speak to the scuffed up floors and empty bar stools.  It was beautiful.

The attached mp3 was recorded at the end of my set when there was a large contingent of busybodies talking and otherwise making noise.  You can get a sense for the difference between a quiet room and a loud room.  Sometimes I like it noisy, sometimes I don’t.  :)

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Songwriting Workshop #1 Result – "Salvation"


I finally turned on the computer yesterday to churn out my first song for the Cryns #3 Songwriting Workshop.

Ever since recording Boulder back in 2005, I have had this dream of recording a whole album of gospel songs that a church choir could sing. In fact, some day I hope to gather a whole church choir and perform said album in a live setting. Just to be clear, I’m talking about those fun, foot-stomping, inner-city choirs. I love ’em! The church choirs I grew up with in the Lutheran and Catholic churches wouldn’t be able to hang with this shit.

The topic of this week’s workshop was “Something Big”. My new song is called “Salvation”, which is just about the biggest thing I could think of – bigger even than my appetite for ice cream. To be saved in the afterlife would be the biggest thrill – and what a surprise it would be! Listen to Salvation!

The song tells a story of life, from confident childhood to unsure adulthood to (finally) salvation in the Lord.

I have always liked thinking about my faith. I don’t actually believe in a benevolent or an angry God for that matter. The only reason I actually believe God exists is because I believe in the Law of Conservation of Matter, which states, “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed,” which causes me to constantly ask myself, “Well then, who created the matter to begin with?”

Still, there are a lot of unexplainable, beautiful things in this world. There are so many varieties of living beings on this planet that it’s hard to fathom it all coming together without divine intervention.


Oh my Lord!
Let your rain fall on me!
What do you do when the gospel comes?
What do you do when the gospel comes knockin’ on your door?
You’ve got to praise the Lord!
You’ve got to praise the Lord, and ask for his sympathy!
He’s got a manger.
He’s got a saint.
He’ll show Ceasar!
He’s gonna save our souls today.
There’s a baby in the manger.
He’s gonna stand tall and get murdered for our sins.
What you gonna do with all those souls?…

What are you gonna do with your soul?
You’re gonna pay the piper!

Oh my Lord!
I found salvation!!!

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Another One Down!

Yesterday, I wrapped up recording guitars on “Lori won’t get out of my way!” The song needed some beef, and I think the new guitar parts add just that. The parts are more varied than on other songs, as I used BOTH acoustic and distortion sounds, all from the ol’ Marshall stack. Of course, the new parts haven’t cleared Noah’s amazing ear yet, so we’ll see if they make the final cut.

Give Lori won’t get out of my way! a listen.

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I Feel Famous.

I get a good feeling when someone takes my work and repurposes it. A gentleman in England used Rock Star as the music bed in this video:

He is trying to raise $2,400 online to help him make his final tuition payment for his master’s degree. If you’ve got a dime, send it his way! :)

In order to encourage more videos like this, I have been considering releasing up my entire catalog of music under a Creative Commons license. I want students, bloggers, and fans to be able to legally post my music to their videos and blogs without fear of legal retribution. IMHO, the days of pay-for-music are coming to a close for us little guys, not that they ever really arrived for most of us.

In other news, I created a podcast feed, which will should be available for free download via the iTunes store – just search for “Cryns”.

I scheduled a last-minute show for tomorrow night at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. I don’t know who else is playing, but it looks like I will be doing a solo thing, likely playing a large portion of “…if Howard Roark could dance“.

Finally, I spent four days in Yosemite National Park last week, where the views were mind-blowing, serene, beautiful, enchanting, scary, and dreamy.


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