Audio, Video, & Photos from J&S Bean Factory on June 23rd

Toby thumbs up

Yessss!!! You can download iPod-ready mp3’s from the June 23rd J&S Bean Factory show below, or you may download all of them at once by saving this zipped folder.

End of the Movie (by Cake)


August 25th (by Greg Cryns)

Killer’s Creek (by Mason Jennings)

Douche or Turd? (from South Park)

Narcolepsy (by Ben Folds Five)


My God Loves to See You Play.

You broke my heart, now I’m all alone.




Serpeant Slayer

And here are some links to video from the show:

Toby sings “Douche or Turd?” from South Park

Toby sings “Speak.”

Toby sings “You’ve got to get down on your knees and pray.”

Loud Ray plays “Liquor Store”

Mike Bass 1

Mike Bass 2

Mike Bass 3

And you can view the photos here.