New Album in the Works!!!

I have begun writing and rewriting songs for the next Cryns #3 release! I’m totally stoked about it!!! Ryan has signed on to play bass guitar and possibly help pen some of the songs. In case you haven’t heard Ryan’s stuff, check out Geo. He’s probably the most talented guy I know.

Although I haven’t yet asked, I’m assuming Noah will be playing drums again. He totally helped shape …if Howard Roark could dance.

So far, I have 8 songs that are probably going to make the cut (I’m aiming for 12). They include:

  • “So Just Be” – about how God came between me and the love of my life
  • “Lori Just Won’t Get Out of My Way” – about how Lori just keeps popping into my life at moments when I am ready to move on… *Shakes fist at sky*
  • “Niki’s Song” – this one will probably be renamed, but it is the song Niki requested all the time at Sportsmans…
  • “You Know That It’s True” – I wrote this about Niki and my first few months together…crazy times
  • “The Belt” – members of the Gamma Eta Gamma law school house will know this one by heart. Josh and I wrote it after a crazy night at Grandma’s bar. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the belt.
  • “All That I Want” – a song about how one person could love me more than anyone else in the world. Plus, it gives Firooz, Mandy, and I a chance to sing Whoa-ooOOo-ooOOoo in unison!!!
  • “Rock Star” – Greggie’s hit about how the Man tries to take the ROCK away from you.
  • “I Promise You Everything” – a song about how I promised the world to Danay but ultimately couldn’t deliver