Tour Officially Launched!! Download MP3s from Last Night's Show!

Last night’s show at Lestat’s in San Diego totally rocked and was a fitting kick-off to the tour. Ivan Cheong opened the evening and was followed by one of the most technically-gifted guitarists I have ever met, Mark Kephart. Mark was, to put it simply, amazing.

I was headlining for some reason, and took advantage of the situation to totally rock the place. I played a fun, upbeat set of new and classic Cryns #3 numbers as well as The Blow’s “True Affection”. One of the funnest parts of the evening was seeing my name in lights on the marquee. That has never happened to me in all my life, so it was exciting to kick off the tour like that. The marquee was saying, “Cryns #3 is in San Diego, MFs!!” haha!

Lou, the sound technician at Lestat’s, was kind enough to record the show for me last night, and I have posted the mp3s below for your listening pleasure. Or if you would like, you can download all the mp3s in a zipped folder by clicking here. These mp3s are free to share with friends and are fully compatible with your iPod.

1) True Affection
2) Boulder
3) Lookin’ Past Me
4) Rock Star
5) Sometimes I Cannot Sleep
6) Duluth
7) Hey Little Sister
8) In the Middle of the Night
9) Leaving L.A.
10) Quittin’ My Job
11) Kids

And here is a short video clip:

And here are some photos: