Video of my Former Band, Spank

I spent a year in Los Angeles playing in Spank with my two older brothers and the best drummer I have ever met, BT. The times were trying, but the music was always fun to play. I literally had nary a cent to my name. I still don’t have a cent to my name, but those times were different…I REALLY didn’t have a cent to my name. I was living in a 2-bedroom house with 7 people and was paying $350/month in rent and that was stretching my budget. Compared to that, I am currently living in the lap of luxury! Anyway, my current music has always been heavily influenced by my brothers, but I would say that playing in Spank allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for REAL rock-and-roll…the type that had me moving gear at 3 a.m., and getting a few hours of shut-eye before having to wake up for work at 7 a.m. It was a trying life, but when you are playing music at bars and clubs, it’s hard to complain.