The day after a great show is always kind of depressing.

The day after a great show is always kind of depressing. Last night I was a rock star, and today I am Toby Cryns, mild-mannered computer geek. Last night I was empowered and could potentially change the world. I had a microphone. Today I have a blog, which is a much more passive device.

I think part of what makes movie stars go crazy is that they never feel like they’ve “made it”. That is, they have to keep making popular movies or throwing temper-tantrums in public to remain famous. They are always one step behind the curve. In that sense, I suppose I am lucky. I am so far behind the curve that I can’t even see the damn curve! haha! It’s looming somewhere in that messy haze on the horizon, over by those mountains in the distance.

Lots of great things happened last night. We raised $321 to help organize local renters in their fight against slumlords. We were introduced, Illinois-style, by one of the finest statesmen in these United States, Mr. Jim J. Lots of friends came out to support the cause, and many of those friends brought friends along. It’s always nice to play to a crowd of supporters, and last night was one of those nights where I was just overjoyed to see all the smiling faces in the crowd. It warms my heart and gives me motivation to do it again next year!