Want to Help Me Write My Band's Story?

Cryns #3 is one of a million bands trying to get press. Because we are a relative unknown act, we need to be creative and unique in order to get noticed. One aspect of our promotional push will be story-telling. That is, we will try to tell a compelling story that will perk up ears of writers and influencers. The most notable story in recent years has to be Bon Iver’s “I spent a year as a recluse in a log cabin recording this album“, which went a long way in helping the viral distribution of his record.

We need a story! Here are some things about us that might factor into our story off the top of my head:

  • We are three guys who work full-time jobs
  • We all had normal upbringings and lead normal lives
  • This album is 2 years-in-the-making
  • We sifted through over 50 original songs before choosing the 14 that you hear on the new record
  • The album’s production was kick-started when my office at the U was taken over by the evil, Darth Vader-like overlord.  Feeling pinned down, I penned the song, “I’m Quittin’ My Job!”.  A positive reaction to that song helped me get over being trounced upon by ambitious, uncaring newly-named bosses.
  • I was a division II basketball prospect who chose music over basketball.  I cried when I gave up basketball.  In many ways, it is purer than music.
  • The album tells a story.  My story.  It is an album about being taken apart and destroyed by life and girlfriends and then building it back up again.  My heart has seen some impressive things and has been through a lot of ravaging over the past eight years – that is what this record is about.
  • I grew up on Faraway Farm in Richmond, IL, where for two years, I milked goats for a living, waking up before school, heading out to the barn, and milking goats.
  • Richmond, IL was kind to me.  I was a big fish in a small pond.  Now I’m a big fish in an ocean.  And oceans aren’t as kind as ponds.

So that’s a start.  Do you have any ideas on how to shape some of that into a good yarn?

Your feedback would be much appreciated!!  Thanks!!!