I Just Found a Use for iPhone (Shazam) and At the Same Time I Fell In Love with Andrew Bird

I own the stupid iPhone and all of carry with me all of its pompous social baggage. And while I am embarrassed to be part of a growing movement of people who carry this little computer phone in their pockets, I did put it to good use on Saturday when, after starting up my car and turning on the radio, I hear the most beautiful of sounds coming out of my 89.3-powered speakers. It was, as it turned out, Andrew Bird’s new single, “Oh No”, which is absolutely beautiful.

BUT I didn’t know it was Andrew Bird’s single until I held my iPhone aloft and Shazam told me it was. Now I love Andrew Bird. Before he was one of many blips on my radar screen. Check “Oh No” out:

And check out this version of the song performed live: