My Rift Magazine 36-Hour Songwriting Contest Submission – "…in San Francisco"

Rich Horton, the motivated young gent who owns the Twin Cities’ best local music magazine (Rift Magazine), was kind enough to invite me to participate in the online version of Rift Magazine’s 36-Hour Songwriting Competition.  The rules of the competition are simple:

  • Write one song within the given timeframe (36-hours).
  • Record and submit an mp3 version of the song.
  • The song must involve the topic, “The Meaning of Life”.

Simple enough.

I started thinking about the topic, “The Meaning of Life”, and came to the conclusion that, for me, the meaning of life involves people.  When I sat down to write the song yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome my girlfriend is and about how she and I will be going to San Francisco in a couple of weeks.  Well, before I knew it, I had my song, titled “…in San Francisco“.  It is about what I hope our forthcoming trip brings.  🙂  I hope you enjoy it!