Kirsten Dunst to Make an Appearance at Dinkytowner Tonight!

It’s been a while since I played “Kirsten Dunst” with a band.  The song, which was put on tape during my run with the Speakeasy Heroes in the summer of 2000, has remained a fan favorite (and a Toby favorite) despite the fact that I only play it when I play solo at unsuspecting coffee shops and bars.  Jim has been requesting it for years at shows, and, until last night, I had never dusted it off in the band setting.  So, tonight at the Dinkytowner, we will be opening with it.  YEAH!!!

By the way, band practice last night was fun, but it was sloppy as %#^$!  I hadn’t really played guitar since I left for San Francisco 3 weeks ago, and my hands felt like rubber, bouncing around at the whim of the laws of momentum.  My brain has not quite wrestled those hands to the ground yet, but when it does – watch out!

Here’s our set list for tonight (always tentative):

  1. Kirsten Dunst
  2. Inspiration
  3. Colleen
  4. Kids
  5. Tonight was a wonderful night!
  6. 2 Sisters/Monster (end on down beat after last chorus)
  7. Boulder
  8. You’re all that I want.
  9. Leaving L.A.
  10. Let’s Get Funky
  11. I Bombed Korea
  12. Quittin’ My Job

Lookin’ Past Me
Killer’s Creek

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