Dinkytowner on Wednesday! With The Hot Box, Fik, & Supanova!!

Check out The Dinkytowner Wednesday September 17th For a concert full of some of the hottest musicians in town! CRYNS #3 on at 10:15 p.m. THE HOT BOX FIK & SUPANOVA SPECIAL GUESTS HOSTED BY AMANDA GRANGER! $2 SHOTS $5 PITCHERS NO COVER 21+ CHECK OUT FOCUS MAGAZINE! THEY WILL BE AT THE CONCERT AND… Continue reading Dinkytowner on Wednesday! With The Hot Box, Fik, & Supanova!!

Station 4 Gig Tonight Cancelled

Rather than risk getting my guitar confiscated by the gestapo in St. Paul, I decided to forgo tonight’s show in St. Paul, instead opting for the much greener pastures of basketball at Chowen Park in Minneapolis. I am happy to report that Jamie and I quickly dispensed of two high school ballers, proving once again… Continue reading Station 4 Gig Tonight Cancelled

Upcoming Shows

We keep adding shows! Aug 21 2008 11:00P Acadia Cafe Minneapolis, Minnesota Aug 25 2008 9:00P Station 4 St. Paul, Minnesota Aug 31 2008 Time TBD Jungle Red Salon Minneapolis, Minnesota Oct 3 2008 8:00P 331 Club Minneapolis, Minnesota With LOUDRAY and LETRON Oct 10 2008 8:00P Fitger’s Duluth, Minnesota

Oh My!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the AIDS benefit last night at Kieran’s!! It truly was an amazing experience for us! We battled through dying microphones and a bouncy stage that almost spelled death for our drummer, John (a falling cymbal nearly decapitated him). In the end, we played only about… Continue reading Oh My!!

AIDS Benefit

Okay! It’s official!! I’m putting the band back together! Haha! We are playing at Kieran’s Irish Pub as part of an AIDS ride benefit on Saturday, Jan. 27. Can’t wait! Kieran’s is super awesome, and John (the drummer) will even be singing an Irish song. What a guy! The organizers will be raffling off all… Continue reading AIDS Benefit