We're on iTunes!!!

We are on iTunes!!! So, if you haven’t purchased our album, please download it ASAP!! We need the money!!! In other news, I recorded two piano parts for The Heise Brothers, a Minneapolis-based band. Nelson, the band’s lead man, and I had a great discussion on the value of music reviews. I think they are… Continue reading We're on iTunes!!!


Keep an eye out for the new Cryns #3 t-shirts, which will be available on this site in June! The shirts will feature “the guys” and “Roark” from the album cover. I’m not planning on having any words on the shirts. Let me know if you have any other ideas!!

The Ditty Bops

I’m really digging this band, The Ditty Bops. I’ve only heard 6 of their songs, which are posted on myspace in either audio or video format, and they are all super awesome.

Fine Line photos

The Fine Line show last night was some good times. There was a small but powerful contingent of friends on hand to witness us goofing off onstage. Today, I’m cranky and tired on account of not getting enough sleep. Here are a few photos taken by me after the show!

Show tonight at Fine Line

Yesterday marked the third straight day of jamming with the band in preparation for our Fine Line show tonight. I’m tired, but today is D-Day, and it should be fun! Tomorrow I rest. And work. Ugh! It’s not easy playing shows.

Show went well!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the J & S Bean Factory on Friday for the show!!! Y’all rock! I promise to have photos and video from the show up by tomorrow. I would have had them up on Saturday, except I was running ragged all weekend prepping for the show Tuesday at the… Continue reading Show went well!

Tonight's show

I’m playing a solo show tonight with legendary banjoist, Colin Anderson. He and I will open the set with four of my tunes before I break out solo and bring us home. Check here tomorrow for photos from the show! Here’s the details: When: Tonight – May, 19 2006 Time: 8:45 p.m. Where: J&S Bean… Continue reading Tonight's show

Interview of Cryns #3

Hey! I was just interviewed by the internationally-reknowned website, Perfect Porridge!! Read the interview below! ————————————————— The article below was written by Greg from PerfectPorridge.com and posted on that website on May 9, 2006. Cryns #3 : …if Howard Roark could dance Cryns #3 (pronounced Krines Number Three), the Minneapolis-based indie band, is NOT another… Continue reading Interview of Cryns #3