We're on iTunes!!!

We are on iTunes!!! So, if you haven’t purchased our album, please download it ASAP!! We need the money!!! In other news, I recorded two piano parts for The Heise Brothers, a Minneapolis-based band. Nelson, the band’s lead man, and I had a great discussion on the value of music reviews. I think they are… Continue reading We're on iTunes!!!


Keep an eye out for the new Cryns #3 t-shirts, which will be available on this site in June! The shirts will feature “the guys” and “Roark” from the album cover. I’m not planning on having any words on the shirts. Let me know if you have any other ideas!!

The Ditty Bops

I’m really digging this band, The Ditty Bops. I’ve only heard 6 of their songs, which are posted on myspace in either audio or video format, and they are all super awesome.