What it's like to be Cryns #3

My name is Toby Cryns, and I’m the third child of seven, hence I am Cryns #3. I am not a hip guy, but I do play in a real rock-and-roll band called Cryns #3. My brother, Noah, who is much more hip than me, plays drums and bass in the band.

Together, Noah and I created a rock album called, “…if Howard Roark could dance”. The album took a year to create and totally fucking rocks!!!

You can learn more about the band at Cryns.com and at mySpace.com/Cryns3.

You can read a review of our new album at Music For Robots. Our good friend, David Brusie, wrote the review, and he also plays a mean piano solo on “Lookin’ Past Me” off the new record.

Please link up to us on mySpace, send me emails, call, whatever. I love meeting new people, so long as they aren’t creepy or mean. That means, if you are going to talk about stuff, make sure you spew nice words, or else you are liable to hurt my feelings.