Booking Ain't Easy

I’ve been working my ass off trying to book shows out on the West Coast, and I’m happy to announce that I have two scheduled! The first one on June 11 at Lestat’s in San Diego, and the second one on July 1 at the BP Green Gas Station in L.A. Exciting times.

BP Green Gas Station
(above: The BP Green Gas Station in L.A.)

But all this booking is tiring. I have been personally calling and emailing all sorts of folks trying to set this up, and I’m learning a lot about booking shows. The first thing I’ve learned – there’s a lot of luck involved. Sometimes you contact helpful people, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you call a place that has bands playing every night and other times you call a place with a disconnected number. This one place in San Diego that a few people referred me to actually had their music license taken away by the city government – WTF?! The second thing I’ve learned – everybody books on a different schedule. Some venues book a couple of weeks out, and others book a couple of months out. It’s difficult for me to know this stuff until I actually place the calls or send the emails. So sometimes I’m way too early, and other times I’m way too late. But sometimes I’m juuust riiight. haha!