San Francisco, Day 1

Some highlights:

  • Sleeping in my car
  • Parking my car
  • Walking uphill, both ways, to my show
  • Running from homeless people at 5 a.m.
  • Freezing

So I arrived in San Francisco at 5 p.m. or so, and I parked in what must have been the most interesting spot in the whole city, as upon parking, my car was almost immediately swarmed by homeless people of all makes, asking for anything from drugs, jokes, and porno. I checked into my hostel, which was just down the block before heading back out to move my car to higher ground. Actually, it was the highest ground in San Francisco at the corner of Sacramento and Taylor, right across the street from some uppity condos.

Before, during, and after my show at the Green Tortoise Hostel, I was drinking with folks from all over Europe (Ireland, Germany, Holland, Spain, England) as well as Connecticut’s favored son, Pat Hull, who totally rocked it on the mic after my set. After we played, there was an impromptu soccer game behind the stage area, then some pool and all sorts of goofing off (It’s easy to have fun when there’s an Irishman leading the charge – Thanks, Coleman!).

Then at 2 a.m., I stumbled to my car up on the hill, and, deciding the walk to the hostel was too much, I reclined and fell asleep. But it was damn cold in that car. DAMN cold. I didn’t sleep too well, and at 5 a.m. I trucked my legs past the homeless swarms and into my hostel only to find someone in my bed. The guy at the front desk then booked me into a hotel down the block, where I slept for the next three hours (I had to move my car by 9 a.m.).

Here are some photos from the day and evening: