Last night I partied with my 2 sisters, drinking wine and sharing tales of merriment. It’s nice to see those girls. :)

Today is Katy’s birthday, and we are celebrating by going to see a performance by none other than LETRON! BOOYAH!!! I’ll take photos tonight and post them tomorrow morning.

Only two days left on the tour!
It has been a great 2+ weeks so far, and I will miss my family, the road, and California. BUT I will very much enjoy seeing my super hot girlfriend again, in person. If I could change anything about this whole experience, I would have brought her along with me. I miss being around that girl.

Tomorrow I play my final show, an open mic, at the BP Green Gas Station in L.A. Should be fun!

Oh! FYI: I left my camera at my brother’s place, so I’ll post photos from the last few days as soon as I get a hold of it.