Terminal Bar Rocked!!

Last night’s show at The Terminal Bar in Nordeast Minneapolis was grrrreat! We were a bit rusty, playing our first show as a band in 3 months, but the rustyness equated to pure energy and musicianship onstage. Many times I felt like my guitar chops weren’t up to snuff, but John’s drumming and Ryan’s bass playing picked up my slack and allowed my vocals to bring it home.

Speaking of vocals, my pipes are a bit tired at present, as I have been recording vocal parts for the new record between practice sessions for upcoming shows and yelling at friends on the basketball court (I’m a rather vocal bball player). Speaking of that, here’s some trivia for you – Did you know that I was an NCAA Division II basketball prospect coming out of high school? Of course that doesn’t matter these days, except for the fact that I get to say that, which sounds cool to say – kind of like saying, “I toured the West Coast!” I do love basketball, though. My old knees are barely holding up these days, though, and I am forced to run in straight lines and play lazy defense as a precaution to causing my body serious injury – WTF?!

So I’m playing a show tonight at Corner Coffee at 8 p.m. which will feature Jim from Crows in the Corn on the washboard. Can’t wait! Here’s the map to Corner Coffee:

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