Duluth, MN!!!

Here’s a video journal from the trip home:

Yesterday afternoon, I made the 3-hour journey to Duluth to play a 3-hour set at Fitger’s, a local bar/restaurant with immense popularity up there. It was an interesting show for me and reminded me more of my days playing Thursday night shows at Sportsman’s Pub than of my band’s more recent sets at the 331 Club and Dinkytowner. I met a few awesome people, and there were sporadic bouts of crowd engagement, but for the most part, it was me on stage, dusting off old classics and new material alike and mixing in a few standards here and there. By evenings’ end, I played roughly 40 songs! I even played The Meat Puppets’ Plateau when my new friend, Taylor Baggott, requested “a cover”. Haha! Anyone who has ever seen me play knows that I only play obscure cover songs – the type that nobody wants to hear. 😉