Tour Imminent?

It’s nearing 2 a.m., and I am wrapping up some late night work for my current contract employer.  After a gig at The Clubhouse in San Luis Obispo, a guy from a popular band out there (I can’t remember the name…) told me that I could make more money building websites while touring than the bars would ever pay.  I believe this to be true.

I am getting the touring itch.  I want to do the West Coast again.  Rent a car, drive up and down the coast, stay at some hostels, smell the Pacific Ocean, see avocados on on trees.  That sort of thing.

Since that tour is unlikely to happen until summer, I will be booking a bunch of local shows in January and February and March.  I want to get a bunch of shows in after the new record is finished.  Speaking of the new record, It is totally kicking ass. Ryan came over and recorded some backup vocals today for Colleen and a couple of other songs.

I am missing Bavery’s presence in the Twin Cities.  For those of y’all who don’t know, he is a high-powered MBA who just moved to Chicago.  He is also the co-producer of Faraway Farm (the new record’s title).  His musical insights and interests make my music better.  It’s like a “you had me at hello” thing.  He sits down at the desk, presses the spacebar, and I just know that the music will be better for it.