Emotions Run High at Dinkytowner

So I played the Dinkytowner last night with two of my favorite people in the audience, Jim J. and Lisa M. I love playing for them! It was a solo show, lacking the flair of my kick-ass band, but it was a kick ass solo show, nonetheless. And I’m not just saying that. Here’s why it kicked ass.

Many times, I play a show, my fingers burning over the fretboard, my voice hitting all the high notes, but my soul never feeling a connection to the audience and the room I am playing in. Last night was not that case.

Last night, I sang songs with a reckless abandon. Like when Old Yeller goes and fights the bear. Or when the dogs in “Where the Red Fern Grows” chase that coon up the tree. I was feeling the raw emotions of the evening. I really felt like I was singing from my gut and connecting with people even though my voice was a bit off and my fingers continually hit the wrong strings.

It felt good.

PLUS, I have video!!!! I set up my macbook in front of the stage and recorded the show. Hopefully the video looks and sounds good (I haven’t viewed it yet…).