The Long, Cold Walk Home

It’s been some time since I’ve had to ride the city bus a long distance in freezing temperatures. That’s what I find myself doing as I write this.

It’s cold out. My friends left me at Pizza Luce in St. Paul. I have an hour bus ride, followed by a long, cold 9-block walk to my house. I am praising the lord that I put on my long underwear before I left the house this morning.

I’ve been celebrating Bob’s birthday since 11 am, and all I want to do is sleep.

Just 2 hours ago, my oldest friends and I were singing songs together in the back of an SUV. Now I am cold. And my journey begins.

UPDATE: My bus was delayed over on Lake Street while three police officers boarded and arrested a guy who was threatening to “cut you from the inside out!” Ummm… This would be scarier if it wasn’t commonplace on the ol’ 21 bus.