Thoughts on a Dual EP Release

I have been doing some thinking on the new record, and when I listen to the songs all together, I get the feeling that there are two categories that the songs fit into:

  1. Damn, that was a long way back from the black infinity of sadness.
  2. Let’s dust our clothes off, take a shower, and get back to loving life!

So, I am entertaining the possibility of creating two EPs or sections of the disc as follows:

Movement 1: It’s a long road back from Sadness.

  1. The preacher doesn’t understand.
  2. Lori won’t get out of my way!
  3. So Just Be
  4. Sometimes I cannot sleep.
  5. Duluth

Movement 2: Let’s rebuild this fucking House after that dreadful fire!

  1. Let’s Get Funky!
  2. I’m quitting my job today!!!
  3. 2 Sisters
  4. Tonight was a wonderful night!
  5. Run. Run! Run!! RUN!! RUNNNN!!!!
  6. Colleen
  7. All That I Want
  8. Rock Star
  9. It’s time to decide!

What do you think?