Sweat. Rock. Terminal Bar.

Sweaty Toby

That photo above is of me immediately after John and I laid down a mean 12-song jam in my apartment last night.  It is HOT up in HRRRR!!!

Tonight, my band will be taking it to the streets!  One night only!  The Terminal Bar.  Us, our instruments, and a gaggle of America’s finest citizens.
We go on at 9:30ish.  I actually don’t know the exact time.  They told me that we go on second.

See you there?

2 thoughts on “Sweat. Rock. Terminal Bar.

  1. slip of the pen i'm sure brother, but does that mean that non-american citizens aren't invited? Or that non-american citizens aren't fine? 🙂
    G (who else?!)

  2. Oh! No! I naturally assumed that it was common knowledge that our resident Greeks are of the most admirable stock and therefore most welcome to attend tonight's performance!

    To make good, all Greeks get a free drink!

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