Changing the Way I Sing

I have been taking voice lessons for the last month or so and have learned a lot about how some singers use their stomachs (i.e. diaphrams) to push air through their mouth rather than using their throats as I normally do. The advantages of using my diaphram are potentially huge, with the biggest advantage being the ability to perform for longer periods of time without tiring.

Currently, my voice gets pretty tired after about a half hour of singing and it gets REALLY tired at the 45-minute mark. I don’t like that.

Some of my favorite songs (“Kids”, “Quittin’ my job”, “Tonight was a wonderful night.”) require me to really belt out the high notes, which is what makes my throat super tired.

So, I am learning about singing with my diaphram. Like most things that are good to learn, practice is paramount. So, this week, I will be starting to re-learn some of my songs. That is, I will re-learn how to breath them and how to push air out of my mouth.

It’s weird, but after all these years of singing, I never really learned how to sing. In fact, I probably picked up all sorts of techniques that make it harder for me to hit and hold notes.

Part of my sound is my voice, so anytime I go and mess with something like that, it worries me. But I have gone through this before – like when I switched from alternative rock to swing-rock. Or when I switched from singing mostly low notes to mostly high notes (this was WAYYY before y’all knew me). It’s a big change, and hopefully for the better.

2 thoughts on “Changing the Way I Sing

  1. good luck with this homey . . . most times you have to take a few steps back before you can soar . . . it sounds like this is going to benefit your endurance and performance . . . it might even help with your singing too . . . so it's a no brainer

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