Thoughts on Paying for Website Content

I plan on redesigning this website to coincide with the release of my new album on April 2nd.  Along those lines, I have been considering ways to add value to y’all and have been considering a subscription-based service whereby you will pay a certain amount of money (maybe $XXX/year), and you will have access to some premium content such as:

  • MP3 downloads of the Faraway Farm and The Bird
  • MP3 downloads of …if Howard Roark could dance
  • MP3 downloads of my former band’s albums (The Corrupt Senators‘ 2 records, The Speakeasy Heroes‘ record, The Arthur Dent EP, etc.)
  • Access to my weekly artwork (comic strips, drawings, etc.)
  • A profile page on this website with your photo, name, etc.
  • Song-a-week
  • Weekly video guitar lessons

So basically, you would have an incentive to purchase my albums on this website rather than on iTunes or other services.  In turn, you will get certain premium content.

Why do this?  I need some incentive to create new content.  I love creating music, videos, blogs, and other content.  Having the pressure of your dollars (and expectations) will provide me with some motivation to create more content.

The idea is to provide extra content to superfans.  I want to give all of my biggest supporters a better experience.  This requires us to work together.  I think it will make you, as a superfan, more invested in my development, and I, in turn, will be more invested in providing you with great content.

What do you think?  What is a reasonable amount to charge for this content?  Also, should there be a “grandfather” clause (i.e. a discount) for folks who already own my record(s)?

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