The Happy Journey Continues

The last album-related recording activity on our musical occurred in March 2021 – a full 7 months ago. That causes me a mix of sadness and exasperation – the kind where I throw my arms up in the air, admit defeat, take a deep breath, and resolve to do something about it. While I’ve engineered albums and produced albums, it’s become clear that I lack the passion for those acts. My passion lies in the writing and completing of music projects, the latter being a necessary evil, because I am actually an architect and not an artist (e.g. I need a completed work at the end of the day).

So, while I lack the skills to produce an album that meets my desires, I do have a skill that might help push things along: project management. I don’t like project management, either, but I’m highly-skilled in the craft, nonetheless.

Honestly, I don’t know where this train will take me. What I know is that doing nothing is not an option. I know that if I take no action, the project will never see an end, and that thought burns at my insides when I sleep. So I procured a copy of our half-recorded album from Jon, and I’ve invested the last 4 days (and counting) porting the project from his software of choice (Cubase) to mine (Logic Pro). It’s a laborious process with an end goal of, hopefully, ending up with something that resembles what already exists on Jon’s computer. But that’s the idiocy of completing anything worthwhile, I guess. We spin our wheels waiting for phone calls to be returned by our principle actors, we spin our wheels waiting for life’s hurdles to pass, we spin our wheels conversing about where to stage the live production, all in the hopes that we might some day finish this project – a risky proposal for all involved, as it requires sacrifice of relations, passions, opportunities, and treasure. And yet we persist.