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Please help us to continue our quest for world domination by wearing our t-shirts & buttons, listening to our album, or donating! Of course, it helps if you own a t-shirt, button, or album…So, to that end, please peruse our online store below! 🙂

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Get yourself and your significant other the NEW, Limited edition Cryns #3 “Minnesota Nice” t-shirt! They are printed on premium, sweatshop-free American Apparel t-shirts, which means they are super soft and nice. The prints are high quality and I promise it will take years for them to fade with normal sweating, head-banging, and washing. The cost is $15 plus $4.99 shipping & packaging. Plus, I will include one of those fine Cryns #3 buttons with each t-shirt purchase FREE of charge! In keeping with this band’s values, a portion of ALL proceeds from Cryns #3 merchandise sales will be donated to charity.


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