Cryns #3 Songwriting Workshop

Here’s the deal:

Each week, I will post a topic or method with the intention that you and I will write a song with that topic or method in mind. The goal of this is to write a song-a-week. I should note that the inspiration for this song-a-week thing came from Jonathan Coulton, who is totally rad and did his own Song-a-Week thing to much fanfare. In fact, it kind of made him famous.

We are not hoping to get famous with this workshop – at least not famous in the Jonathon Coulton sense of the word. But who knows? Maybe this thing will take off and we will all be rock stars! But if not, hopefully we will have improved our songwriting abilities and learned something about ourselves as human beings and guitar players. 😉

This is a non-pretentious, non-critical, supportive, non-denominational venture. All skill levels and instruments/voices are welcome to participate.

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Results of the Songwriting Workshop

#1 (6/14/2009) Topic/Inspiration: Write a song about something big in your life.Salvation (Toby)
#2 (7/5/2009) Topic/Inspiration: Describe a time you took a chance on something.Love Me (Ryan B.) & Amen. (Toby)

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