Pre-order the New Album!

We are now offering pre-orders for the new Cryns #3 album! By pre-ordering, you will be the FIRST to get a digital download of the new record, PLUS you will receive via email a personalized, hand-drawn-by-Toby piece of art along with a shiny real-life version of the album when it is ready! At $9.99 that’s quite a deal!

And as if that isn’t enough, Toby will also gladly hand-deliver a drink to you free-of-charge at his next house party. But wait, there’s more! By purchasing this album, you will be showing your support for a growing movement of artists who are making a go of it in the face of the established power brokers (record labels, A&R reps, monied interests, etc.). By buying this album you are supporting the Little Guy. The David. The guy who has been fighting for truth and justice.

Click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase the MP3 version of the new Cryns #3 album for $9.99:

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