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Please send an email to toby[at]cryns[dot]com to request a press kit be mailed to you.

Some things that have been written about the album:
“It’s a fun disc, for sure – well-crafted little pop songs, with hand claps, group singalongs, and a trombone solo!” – Music For Robots

…If Howard Roark Could Dance is boiling over with sincerity and soul…” – Skratch Magazine

“Cryns #3’s …If Howard Roark Could Dance is stripped down and very straightforward…a really good, fun, sweet album.” – Rift Magazine

High-Resolution Photos:
Toby 1
Toby 2
Toby 3

Band Biography:

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Press Write-ups:
Interview with Perfect Porridge – May 9, 2006
Review on Music For Robots – April 6, 2006
Pioneer Press Writeup – April 6, 2006

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