2 Sisters with Some Edge, mp3

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours recording some scorching ambiance and lead lines for “2 Sisters“.   Every time I plug my Marshall stack in, I get lost in the beautiful noises that it makes.  It has surprising range and crunches when I push it.  My solid state Fender Princeton Chorus, on the other hand, produces a… Continue reading 2 Sisters with Some Edge, mp3

Help Me Mix My New Record! Feedback Needed!

I just realized that I forgot to attach the “2 Sisters” mp3 from yesterday’s post. That’s okay, though, because I am attaching it to this post…AND MORE!!! I need your help. We are in the process of deciding on a final mix for our new record and would love to hear your feedback on the… Continue reading Help Me Mix My New Record! Feedback Needed!

Mixdown of "2 Sisters" – Feedback?

(Above: 2 Sisters/SoulSistas at our show last Saturday) Hi! We are rolling! Rolling, I tell ya! Here is a link to our most recent mixdown of “2 Sisters” from our forthcoming record. We are looking for mixing feedback at present – things like “the vocals are too quiet”, “I can’t hear the kick drum”, etc.… Continue reading Mixdown of "2 Sisters" – Feedback?