Songwriting Workshop #2 Result

This week’s songwriting assignment was to describe a time you took a chance on something. I didn’t follow the assignment. But that’s totally cool! You don’t need to either! 🙂 This week’s submissions include Ryan B’s first submission, a beautifully-crafted song called Love Me AND my submission, a spiritual story about ascending to heaven, called… Continue reading Songwriting Workshop #2 Result

Songwriting Workshop #1 Result – "Salvation"

[quote] I finally turned on the computer yesterday to churn out my first song for the Cryns #3 Songwriting Workshop. Ever since recording Boulder back in 2005, I have had this dream of recording a whole album of gospel songs that a church choir could sing. In fact, some day I hope to gather a… Continue reading Songwriting Workshop #1 Result – "Salvation"

Cryns #3 Songwriting Workshop, Vol. 1 – "Something Big"

[quote] Songwriting Workshop, Vol. 1 Assignment Assignment: “Something Big” Topic/Inspiration: Write a song about something big in your life. Deadline: Sunday, June 14 @ 7 p.m. Submit: Email me an mp3 of your work. Send emails to toby at cryns dot com. “Something Big” could be a project you are working on at your job,… Continue reading Cryns #3 Songwriting Workshop, Vol. 1 – "Something Big"

Songwriting Workshop – Interested?

I’ve been listening to’s “Do It Yourself” Musician Podcast for a couple of months now, and it has given me all sorts of ideas and inspiration for my music career.  Today, I listened to their interview with and follow-up discussion about Jonathan Coulton.  As I was listening, I had this strong urge to do… Continue reading Songwriting Workshop – Interested?