Recently Unearthed MP3

I was listening to a couple of mp3’s by Tiny Master’s of Today. Once their songs ended, iTunes pulled up the next song in the list, which happened to be a demo version of “You’ve got to believe in the world as it once was.” that I recorded prior to entering the studio to record …if Howard Roark could dance.

As my band can attest, we haven’t quite been able to figure out how to play this song live. In fact, we haven’t played this song live since April. We’ve worked on it and worked on it, but it never sounds right. I think I just found out why!

The demo version of the album is played up about 1 1/2 steps, which makes it more fun to sing. In our jam sessions, I haven’t been able to get into the groove, but I think now I will be able to. Yeah!!