We're on iTunes!!!

We are on iTunes!!!

So, if you haven’t purchased our album, please download it ASAP!! We need the money!!!

In other news, I recorded two piano parts for The Heise Brothers, a Minneapolis-based band. Nelson, the band’s lead man, and I had a great discussion on the value of music reviews. I think they are “for shit” and he places value in them. As far as I’m concerned, I would love to see all music, tv, and movie critics jump into shark-infested waters somewhere southeast of Cuba. But, being a music and movie critic myself, I won’t lobby too hard for that. 😉

Finally, I’m bringing my PIANO out to the J&S Bean Factory in St. Paul on Friday, so please come out to see the show!! 8:30 p.m. FREE to get in! Corner of Hamline and Thomas.