Playing a Hostel in San Francisco!

Green Tortoise hostel

I am excited to announce that I will be playing at the Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco on June 22.

A friend and I limped into Seattle a few years ago feeling sick, pissed off, and sad. We had arrived without any plans and discovered quickly that plans cannot be overrated when you are visiting foreign territory. It was dark as we strolled up the stairs to the Green Tortoise. But darkness quickly turned to light when the friendly front desk staff of the hostel offered us each a glass of keg beer (the keg was snugly situated behind the front desk). We spent much of the night drinking beer and chatting with a backpacker from Ukraine out on the building’s terrace. Needless to say, our spirits recharged, we had a great trip from then on out. I am happy to finally have the chance to pay back the kindness that was showed to me and my traveling companion.