Less than a Week to Go!

The countdown has begun! 6 days until I kick off my first ever West Coast tour in San Diego!! Time is tight. I went to get a pickup installed in my acoustic guitar yesterday, and the guy at the guitar shop said it would be a waste of money to install a pickup in such a shitty guitar. I agree. So, today I will be going to Guitar Center to see what they have in stock. The aforementioned guitar shop has a BEAUTIFUL Taylor selling for $2,000, so unfortunately I will have to buy a different one. To give you some perspective, the guitar that I’ve been playing on for the last few years cost me $100.

I’m still working on filling in the gaps in my tour schedule, but I’m not too worried about it at this point. If I don’t have gigs on a given day, I’ll either be hanging with friends or family, working on work, writing music, or checking out the local areas, which will include BEACHES ON THE PACIFIC OCEAN!! Booyah!