Best Frogurt EVER!

I drove up from San Diego early yesterday afternoon thinking that I would have plenty of time to make the Google-Map-suggested-2-hour trip. Well, the car ride north turned into a 4-hour adventure when I found myself surrounded by a barren mountainous landscape north of L.A., obviously a few leagues past my destination city. I frantically called everyone I knew out here before reaching my dad on the seventh phone call. I was freaking out, because it wasn’t entirely clear that I would make my gig at all, based on where I was and the fact that I was scheduled to take the stage in 30 minutes. Thanks to my dad’s guidance, I was able to arrive at the Sierra Cup Cafe and play my set, albeit 15 minutes late.

The show was a lot of fun even though most of L.A.’s citizen population was nestled in sports bars and homes watching their beloved Lakers blow a huge lead to the KG-lead Boston Celtics. There were 7 kids in the audience along with a few parents, the result of my show being followed by a public viewing of Alvin and the Chipmunks. The kids actually made for a great audience, pelting me with questions about guitars, songs from Alvin, and questions about popcorn. After the show, the owner of the establishment treated me to some homemade frozen yogurt, the best I’ve ever had.

Today I’ll be hanging with Gus, Liana, and Katy in L.A., and tonight is Noah’s birthday party!