Jean Jean Made a Machine

My brothers and sisters and I used to say this rhyme:

Jean Jean made a machine.
Jo Jo made it go.
Art Art blew a fart and blew the whole damn thing apart!

For fun, I threw a beat and a guitar part behind the tag line, added some great fart sounds I pulled off the Internet, and…well…the rest is history. Listen to/download the mp3 here: Jean Jean Made a Machine (March 10, 2009)

If the response is positive enough, I might consider doing this thing live….

Also, for those who value transparency, I don’t believe my family was the originator of the rhyme. I discovered this VERY similar rhyme at “Fart Rhymes, Riddles, and Wordplay“:

Gene, Gene, Made a Machine

Gene, Gene made a machine.
Joe, Joe made it go.
Art, Art let a fart
And blew the whole machine apart.

Alternate last lines include:

– And blew the whole damn thing apart.
– And blew it all apart.

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