Can You Say Lead Guitar?

Toby with Guitar

Yesterday Noah called to tell me that he thinks the album needs something extra to fill it out. I agree. It is currently lacking that “something” that makes an album sound great. We talked it over and decided that more guitars might be just what the album needs to give it a kick in the ass. So, yesterday and today I recorded a whole shitload of electric guitars for Duluth and Run. Run! Run!! RUN!!! RUNNNN!!!

Duluth has been a particularly troublesome song in that it is one of my favorites, but it isn’t totally written yet. We have been reworking the breakdown towards the end quite a bit recently. Well, I am happy to say that these electric guitars might have put us over the top. I played a shredding solo over the end, coming out of the breakdown, and it is sounding pretty rad! As soon as I nail the final solo, I will post a rough mp3.

Noah recorded some stuff on “Run…” yesterday as well, but I haven’t heard that yet. I’ll share more as I have it!

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