I Feel Famous.

I get a good feeling when someone takes my work and repurposes it. A gentleman in England used Rock Star as the music bed in this video:

He is trying to raise $2,400 online to help him make his final tuition payment for his master’s degree. If you’ve got a dime, send it his way! 🙂

In order to encourage more videos like this, I have been considering releasing up my entire catalog of music under a Creative Commons license. I want students, bloggers, and fans to be able to legally post my music to their videos and blogs without fear of legal retribution. IMHO, the days of pay-for-music are coming to a close for us little guys, not that they ever really arrived for most of us.

In other news, I created a podcast feed, which will should be available for free download via the iTunes store – just search for “Cryns”.

I scheduled a last-minute show for tomorrow night at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis. I don’t know who else is playing, but it looks like I will be doing a solo thing, likely playing a large portion of “…if Howard Roark could dance“.

Finally, I spent four days in Yosemite National Park last week, where the views were mind-blowing, serene, beautiful, enchanting, scary, and dreamy.


3 thoughts on “I Feel Famous.

  1. That must be a very exclusive club: Successful Song Writers

    Release them on Creative Commons. Then let people know about it .


    1. Based on emails I receive for my music review blog, songwriters are still overprotective of their songs. Almost never do they invite me to listen to a full, digital copy of a new release. Also, they rarely invite me to post album tracks on the blog. It’s quite frustrating for me.

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