Speak easy, Heroes.

…Then, in the summer of 2000, Toby approached Bob with a proposition to start a new band which would be called “The Speakeasy Heroes.”

Combining Bob’s strong back-up vocals with Toby’s great lead guitar and adding to that the sheer talent of Bradley Thomas, the Speakeasy Heroes were formed.

The Speakeasy Heroes saw success of a grand nature opening up for such local legends as “LYZ”, “Juvenocracy”, Mikey’s band which I can’t remember the name of, and “Spank.”

But playing shows at sold-out beer halls was not enough for the “Speakeasy Heroes”.

Utilizing the vision of long-time supporter, Barry Woods, the “Speakeasy Heroes” accumulated untold prestige and success by releasing their album, “Pub Crawl”, in August 2000.

With the album in hand, the “Speakeasy Heroes” were able to book multiple shows at local hot-spot, Colin’s House.

After the summer of 2000, the guys all went their separate ways, hoping for a reunion in the near future….

Quoted from my blog, circa 2001

We’re putting the band back together!

18 years later.

The Speakeasy Heroes will be performing at Farmhilly in St. Paul, MN on Aug. 11, 2018!

You and your family are hereby invited to the only family-focused festival that I know of featuring the Speakeasy Heroes.

Bob can’t make it, but Brad and I will be holding down the fort with Jesse on bass guitar.


  • The band’s poet laureate, Colin “The Czar” Anderson, will be performing his now-legendary rendition of his original poem, “Speak easy, heroes”, just like the old days!
  • Iron-on T-Shirts will be created special for the event!

Summer of Love (Richmond, IL  2000)

If you missed Richmond, IL’s version of The Summer of Love (2000), because you were off making money overseas or whatever, that’s totally understandable and even commendable.

There were multiple, wonderful realities happening that summer!

Some of the exciting things that happened in Richmond that one endless summer that you can now relive via song at Farmhilly include:

  • Police busts.
  • Unfortunate and fortunate drug use of all sorts.
  • Celebrity sightings in Richmond, IL!
  • Counselors from Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see playing spin the bottle with celebrities previously-sighted in Richmond, IL!
  • Random people entering and exiting our lives in grand fashion.
  • Music music music: Writing, Listening, Recording, Producing.
  • Photography.  Art.  Mostly pasted on the walls at Colin’s house.
  • Colleen.
  • My introducing to digital music-making technology.
  • Geo Metros abound!

Now’s your chance to live the glory that was Richmond, nay…was…The United States of America, circa 2000 a.d.!

Can you and your family make it?

It’s invite-only and takes place one day only: Aug. 11, 2018.

Drop me a line if you’d like to attend.


p.s. If anyone has memorability from our experiences together in 2000, please share with me!

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