New (old) Arthur Dent Video Footage Discovered! (from Nov. 2023)

Many thanks to Wayback Machine for helping me discover a 21-year-old video of Arthur Dent. To my knowledge, this is the only surviving footage of the band.

At the 2:30 mark, you can even catch Firooz and Mandy deep in the throws of their courtship! 😍

2003 was a year of transition. I moved to Minneapolis in July. Bob bought a drumset in August. By November we had a gig at Dub’s Pub. At some point in that range, we released The Arthur Dent EP.

I also started working at the U of M, met Niki, travelled by bus many many times to Bob and Colin’s place over on Dayton Ave. in St. Paul (it was about a mile walk from the bus to their house).

I was free in 2003 in so many ways that I am no longer. But today’s wisdom was hard-earned, and freedom of movement sans direction ain’t all it’s cracked up to be (just ask Sidhartha).

Nonetheless, this video captures a moment in time as well as any. You’ll see Bob frustrated by my antics. You’ll see a bunch of old close friends – some of whom I can barely remember today (with a few exceptions, of course) – all cheering me on. You’ll see the sound guy in the background working the board – I can’t remember his name today, but back then he was a staple in my life.

Check out the old Arthur Dent website on Wayback Machine.